‘This blood and guts treasure hunt of a memoir is a rollicking, funny read with shades of Wilbur Smith.’

The Bookseller UK

It’s a gripping read of the exhilaration of finding his first diamond, adventure, disaster and skullduggery, all told from first-hand experience.

Perth Voice, Western Australia

A former soldier’s odyssey in search of the precious metal is now a riveting old-fashioned adventure yarn.

Courier Mail, Brisbane.

Gold Rush is not my normal type of reading but thought I would give it a go, I started reading on a flight and within 2 days had read front to back – just wanted to say that it’s a great book and couldn’t put it down. However as your insurance broker, please no more risks of the nature detailed!”

Alan Butler, Perth


“I just wanted to let you know that I’ve just finished your book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. There’s some great stories in there and important life lessons. I’m not a geologist or an expert in mining, but the way it was written allowed me to follow along easily without being overawed by the technical aspects. Helping me understand the technical side of things only increased my enjoyment of the book. It’s a real lesson in perseverance, hard work and self-belief in achieving your goals, also…. how to remain calm in perilous situations!”

Danny Hunt, Sydney.

Gold Rush is an insiders take on mining, from someone with the authority and experience to dish out the dirt.”

Mark Thompson,  Managing Director, Talga Resources Limited.

“I finished your book with nothing short of delight, the best was the last page. I am a trained commercial diver and I had NO problem reliving your horrid time whilst being trapped vertically in that hole in the river.”

Chris Lightbody, Port Hedland, WA.

“Congratulations on your book. I read it in two straight sittings and thoroughly enjoyed it. I can relate very closely with many of your experiences that you wrote about, from being in the grips of gold fever from a young age, the want for self-made adventure, the psychological/physical highs and lows of prospecting and of course the thrill of the first nugget!”

Dave Pearce, Perth, Western Australia

“A Really engaging writing style and I find myself having no problems conjuring up mental pictures of your adventures.  Bloody good read, well done.”

Shaun Duffy, Perth, Western Australia.

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